<p>A different type of company</p>

A different type of company

Jaro is building a different type of business to meet the urgency of the climate emergency. If you are not comfortable with business as usual, its culture and its ineffectiveness on climate, we’d love to talk.


Where focus and respect drives exceptional results

Jaro is going after something very big: a highly-differentiated business model that will transform the cost structure of an enormous economic sector. To realize this level of ambition, we rely on an unusually talented and diverse team working together efficiently and with balance. We are also picky about how we do business. We don't play hype games and we don't skip the math. We create new solutions, show them to customers, and iterate fast to build solutions that make good financial sense for our customers. We call that good business and we believe it's the only way to scale real solutions in this sector.

At Jaro, we see ourselves as part of a broader Climate movement to save our planet and our species. We invest in immediate, local solutions while working on big, ambitious long-term change, because we believe how you build an organization affects the impact that organization has over time.

Joe Miler

CEO and Founder

Joe Miler


Accelerate your career in climate

Jaro invests heavily in its personnel to attract industry-leading talent and empower them to do their best work. We offer upper-quartile compensation packages and extensive benefits including medical, dental, vision, and parental leave. All employees are granted professional development budgets, environmental justice discretionary funds, and self-care budgets, along with reasonable vacation policies and workplace flexibility. Additional policies and practices are designed to ensure pay transparency and maintain our mission focus as we scale our organization.

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