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We make the transition to electric semi-trucks practical, reliable and cost effective.

Where focus fuels talent 
for exceptional results

Company Overview

Where focus fuels talent 
for exceptional results

At Jaro Fleet, we believe that electrification is the driving force behind positive outcomes for transportation 
and society. We support the transition to electric semi-trucks through unique customer-led charging technology which addresses the challenges of the freight industry. By partnering with companies and communities, 
we're implementing solutions that move us towards a climate-positive, electrified world.

At Jaro, we see ourselves as part of a broader Climate movement to save our planet and our species. We invest in immediate, local solutions while working on big, ambitious long-term change, because we believe how you build an organization affects the impact that organization has over time.

Joe Miler

CEO and Founder

Joe Miler
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you to power 
the world

Whatever the stage of your climate-conscious career, Jaro allows you to align your professional efforts with your personal beliefs. Jaro’s values-driven organisational model ensures that you will have impact both within Jaro, and in the world.

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